Attractive dining

Dining culture adds enjoyment to your life. Inner peace is restored at an attractively-set table, you look forward to the meal and the enjoyment to come. With friends or within the family circle, it turns into a social occasion. WMF cutlery and table accessories create the right mood. Find inspiration as you click around.


Cromargan protect®

A brilliant innovation

At last something that time cannot leave its mark on. Cutlery made of Cromargan protect® is extremely resistant to all signs of wear and tear.


125 years of children's cutlery

Life tastes great - for children too

We have been producing cutlery for children's hands for 125 years. WMF children's cutlery takes into account the mental and motor skills of all age levels, from babies to school children.


Table culture is an indication of lifestyle

Design for the whole table

A beautifully set table is more than cutlery and china. Matching WMF accessories add value to the functional components and are an expression of individual style.