• Pirouette cutlery

    Ron Arad is one of the current leading designers and architects. He developed the new Pirouette cutlery design for WMF. Cutlery that dances. The knife, fork and spoon seem to float above the table. They keep their balance on the smallest contact surface. As soon as a part is touched, it starts to bob up and down. Pirouette is an invitation to play. It needs to move and cheekily defies good manners. It breaks with long established conventions. Instead, a new approach to the theme of dining emerges. Wherever Pirouette appears on the table, things liven up and creative forms of communication emerge.

    Design Ron Arad

Zaha cutlery

  • This surprising interpretation of cutlery is the contribution of the celebrity architect Zaha Hadid on the topic of dining. The cutlery combines familiar elements with spacial experiences. You now experience what is familiar in a new dimension. Zaha Hadid is a master of contemporary art form. In 2004, she was the first woman to receive the prestigious Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize of the architecture world.

    Design Zaha Hadid

Max and Moritz Edition, Prof. Wagenfeld

  • One unit embodied Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld and WMF for decades. All items combine classic, timeless design with proven function in the best of quality. Now there are new versions of salt and pepper shakers, egg cups and butter dishes in the original design by Prof. Wagenfeld.

    "Max and Moritz, these tomboys
    were finally caught.
    In the oven full of glass
    They were thrown, that was fun.
    As they were taken out,
    their wantonness had vanished.
    Both drops appeared
    As two pretty small pots.
    One cap made from Cromargan
    Did Max and Moritz put on.
    You can put salt and pepper too
    In the small round belly.
    Our Max and Moritz
    Are now peaceful and modest.
    You want to have these nice
    Model boys at your table."
    (Unknown author)


    Max and Moritz on the plate
    Max and Moritz on the plate


    Drawing by Prof. Wagenfeld
    Drawing by Prof. Wagenfeld


    Which one is Max and which one Moritz here?
    Which one is Max and which one Moritz here?


    Technical drawing by Prof. Wagenfeld
    Technical drawing by Prof. Wagenfeld