• WMF Pressure Cooker®

    The WMF Pressure Cooker® enable users to cook in high temperatures by applying techniques of a Physics Law. At high pressures, water only begins to boil at temperatures over 100º C. In order to build up pressure, the WMF Pressure Cooker® is firmly closed with a bayonet lock and fitting aid. The sealing ring in the lid and the lock fastening in the handle ensure that the cooker is sealed airtight. While heating up, air escapes from the cooker through the automatic heating feature only until the valve audibly closes. Now pressure can build up and the cooking indicator rises. With the use of WMF pressure cooker, it allows users to shorten the conventional cooking process by 70%.

    There is a choice of two cooking settings:
    up to 110° C with the first orange-coloured ring for delicate vegetables, fish, poultry
    up to 119° C with the second orange-coloured ring for robust food and meat. As soon as the required ring is reached, the energy input on the hob is turned down and the cooking time starts. When the cooking time is over, the pressure cooker can only be opened once there is no more pressure. Several safety stages ensure this, including the residual pressure safety indicator.

    All pressure cookers are made of Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel with an inside scale. The TransTherm universal base is suitable for all types of hobs, even for induction.  

    Design Metz & Kindler

  • Perfect Premium

    The success story of the WMF pressure cooker continues. Perfect Premium brings a new momentum in the modern kitchen and helps make cooking faster, more comfortable, and easier. Thanks to the proven all-in-one knob, and its usual perfect functionality, it’s a gem to have in every kitchen.

    WMF Perfect Premium with Perfect Control Knob

    • Entire technology safely integrated in a compact handle
    • Simple handling with innovative all-in-one control knob
    • Optimise cooking levels for vitamin-rich and aromatic meals
    • Easy to clean with detachable handle
    • Made in Germany

    • Bayonet lock and fitting aid guarantee secure locking

    • Clear cooking indicator with two orange coloured rings for the pressure settings

    • Sealing ring in the lid for an airtight fit

    • Entire technology housed in the removable handle

    • For cleaning, entire handle is simply rinsed – no dismantling required

    • Pan, lid without the handle and inserts are dishwasher safe