Drinking is more than a basic need. Viewed mundanely, we drink in order to quench our thirst. Adequate fluid supply is vital for our organism. The selection of drinks makes it easy for us to turn a basic need into an enjoyment. The reasons for this are as varied as life itself. Fresh spring water when climbing a summit, a steaming cup of hot chocolate after a sleigh ride, a glass of wine in the evening in front of the fireplace – these are moments of unparalleled pleasure.


The Coffee Trend

From bean to coffee culture

Coffee has gained a cult status and today is a popular everyday drink that is drunk all over the world in many variations. WMF has been working with the preparation of coffee for more than 120 years.


Enjoying tea is a ritual

Tea provides pleasure and wellness.

Tea is appropriate for all life situations and, like wine, it is a ritual to enjoy tea consciously. The variety, preparation and right cup make the perfect presentation.


Enjoy wine

Enjoy wine with all of your senses

An exquisite drop deserves to be served and drunk with care. WMF makes the enjoyment of wine into an experience.


Water is a part of the trend

The way water is drunk today

Water is a part of the trend. WMF has taken up the matter and given it some thought. WMF brings water to the table in an aesthetically pleasing, but also hygienic manner.