Quality can be seen and can be felt.

You can tell high quality cutlery from its material, its careful workmanship and how well it fits in your hand. You should particularly bear in mind: The knife must cut well. WMF knife blades are forged from special blade steel. You can tell this from the way the blade tapers evenly from the back to the blade edge. The blade edge is finely ground or has a serrated edge and remains sharp for a long time. A good knife blade is flexible and springs back to its initial position.

Knife with an inserted blade. The blade made of special blade steel is firmly attached to the handle. The transition is seamless.
Monobloc knives are made of rust-free blade steel, are forged from a single piece and hardened as a whole. The hardening process ensures good cutting properties and makes it resistant to corrosion

Quality features

  • Each piece of cutlery fits the hand well and has a well-balanced weight
  • The tines of the fork are finely ground and neatly finished
  • The bowl of the spoon is absolutely symmetrical
  • All edges are carefully rounded
  • The knife blade tapers evenly from the bolster to the tip
  • The surfaces and decoration are precisely finished