A pot is not just a pot

Those who like to cook regularly need several pots in various sizes. The selection and assortment are determined on the size of the household and personal preferences. A few basic shapes have proven to be reliable for inclusion in a basic set.

If you choose a WMF cookware range you have the advantage that the individual pots complement each other and are matching in material and design. In most cases there are interesting set combinations.

Low casserole - A flat pot, ideal for braising. After browning, the meat is deglazed with liquid and then cooks slowly in the closed pot at a low temperature on the hob or in the oven.

High casserole - Medium-height pot for larger amounts. Particularly suited for blanching large vegetable varieties, such as cauliflower or broccoli. Also suitable for meat or vegetable stews.

Stock pot - A tall pot for large amounts. Ideal for preparing meat, poultry and vegetable stock, soups, stews or spaghetti too.

Steaming insert - The perforated insert fits in the high casserole with the same diameter. Water is brought to the boil in the pot. Vegetables, fish and poultry all cook gently in the rising steam.

Saucepan - The small pot with the long handle is particularly practical and versatile. Ideal for shaking and stirring food on the hob. The handle is useful for emptying the contents and pouring off liquid.

Frying pan - A stainless steel frying pan is essential for browning food. The frying pan with the long handle is practical to use on the hob and the oven pan with handles on the sides is ideal for use in the oven.