How to recognize quality pots

Cooking is the trend.

Exotic ingredients and international recipes enliven domestic cuisine. Cooking is global. The desire for something new/ novelties knows no boundaries. The increased nutritional awareness and the high expectations do not only pertain to the ingredients, but also to the "tools". Anyone who loves to cook expects a high quality of cookware.

To be noted:
Good pots are stable and relatively heavy. The base lies flush with the hob when in use, the handles are comfortable to hold and do not get hot while cooking. The lid fits firmly to prevent the loss of energy.

WMF cookware is made of Cromargan®. This high grade stainless steel is easy to maintain, odourless and tasteless as well as durable, even when in constant use.

The TransTherm® universal base has an aluminium core which quickly absorbs heat and distributes it evenly. It is suitable for all modern energy sources, even for induction. The bases of the WMF cookware are cambered in production, which means the base is given a slight inward curve. When the pan is heated, the base expands and lies flush with the heat source. This prevents energy wastage.

WMF pans have stainless steel handles. This looks good, the handles are sturdy, oven safe and dishwasher safe. Through intensive research, WMF has succeeded in preventing stainless steel handles from becoming hot during cooking.

The cookware of the 5 Star Premium Class are equipped with hollow handles or with the unique Cool+ technology.

A good lid must seal the pan firmly all the way around. There are different models. The non-insertable lid lies on the pan and can be quickly pushed to one side when required. It is the lid that professional chefs prefer. The insertable lid fits on the pan securely and is ideal for cooking with little water.

As an alternative material, there are lids made of heat-resistant quality glass that allow you to view the cooking process.

All WMF cookware in the the 5 Star Premium Class has a pouring rim for accurate pouring and an inside scale to aid measuring.

WMF 5 Star Premium Class
• Innovative features
• Excellent design
• First-class workmanship
• Cromargan® Material: 18/10 stainless steel
• TransTherm® universal base