Interesting facts about knives

Care tips
Rinse the blade under the water tap after every use. As a general rule, WMF kitchen knives can all be cleaned in the dishwasher, with the exception of the Damasteel range. However, we recommend washing by hand in order to protect the high-quality blades from mechanical damage.

High quality knives deserve to be treated carefully. Kept loose in a drawer means they can get scratched. We recommend using a knife block. The blades are protected, the knives tidily lined up and ready to use. You can find attractive knife blocks in various materials in the WMF product range.

Cutting surfaces
Sharp blades are delicate. Use chopping boards made of wood, bamboo or high grade plastic. These have a surface that is gentle on the blades and are the ideal basis for cutting, chopping and slicing.

Even high-grade blades are blunted when used for cutting and have to be sharpened again. Dealing with steel requires a little skill and practice. A knife sharpener is really easy to use. The blades are drawn through several times and regain the desired sharpness. Please note: not for knives with a serrated or scalloped edge.