The right blade

The size, composition and consistency of food are very different. For a clean cut, the shape and model of the blade must be matched to these properties.


Straight spine

The spine has a straight edge, the blade is curved. When cutting the blade can roll off smoothly (e.g. the utility knive)


Curved spine

Both spine and cutting edge are slightly curved and taper sharply together. The accentuated point is suitable for
larding and cutting into food (e.g. larding knife).


Straight blade

The spine is curved, the blade has a straight edge. It cuts cleanly without a rocking movement (e.g. vegetable knife).


Blade with double-serrated edge

Patented only by WMF: the blade is serrated on both sides. Particularly hard food, such as bread, onions, vegetables and also salami or even frozen food, can be cut precisely and evenly.