Design has always been a high priority at WMF. Our product development works in close cooperation with international designers such as Prof. Wagenfeld, Dieter Sieger, Matteo Thun, Ole Palsby, Makio Hasuike or as well as Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad. This is how WMF recognises trends and develops cutlery from these trends that shape the taste of the times. The result is numerous design awards in all areas.

  • Designaffairs


    Designaffairs helps its customers to discover market potentials and successfully utilise them with targeted product innovations.


  • Herbert Schultes

    Herbert Schultes

    His work is influenced by function and technology, minimalism, sensuality and light design.


  • James Irvine

    James Irvine


    The designs by James Irvine are characterised by his personal language of forms.


  • Jette Joop

    Jette Joop

    "Exceptional design takes into account requirements and sets new aesthetic standards.


  • Köhler & Wilms

    Köhler & Wilms

    The varied possibilities of the interplay between material, ornaments, processing options and form fascinate us with every new project.


  • Luca Casini

    Luca Casini

    Luca Casini founded the design studio CASINI & PRINGIERS ASSOCIATES in 1998.


  • Makio Hasuike

    Makio Hasuike

    Hasuike is striving to gain experiences in the different areas of product design.


  • Metz & Kindler

    Metz + Kindler

    The starting point is the focus on customs and habits, such as the exploration of people's learned behaviour acquired over time.


  • NOA Design

    Noa Design

    Modern products meet the various demands placed upon them, both in an intelligent and in a fascinating way.


  • Ole Palsby

    Ole Palsby

    The clear and simple form of language and a consistent renunciation of superfluous decorative elements characterise Ole Palsby's style.


  • Ron Arad

    Ron Arad


    Ron Arad has had exhibitions in many major museums and galleries around the world and his work is displayed in many public collections.


  • Wilhelm Wagenfeld

    Wilhelm Wagenfeld


    Wilhelm Wagenfeld's work significantly defined industrial design.


  • Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid


    Zaha Hadid is a master of contemporary art form.


  • Other designers


    See more notable designers who work together with WMF.