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Prizes are given for outstanding achievements and merit. WMF received its first award at the 1862 World Exhibition in London. Since then, the company has regularly been numbered amongst the prize winners of all categories. There is a complete concept behind each WMF product: it must look good, it must function reliably and it must be of great benefit to the owner. Numerous prizes in all divisions are proof of this.

Product awards

All awards


Exceptional performances in this area, which require a special commitment, are internationally nominated with awards for good design by expert judges. WMF AG receives these types of award annually, which are undertaken by various organisations.

Top 5 design awards

WMF has received numerous awards for outstanding performance. Here is a selection of award-winning products.

WMF 1 coffee pad machine

The WMF1 is a coffee pad machine and design object at the same time. The design is by designaffairs. It surprises with its exceptional shape and integrated cup and therefore makes every coffee break into a special event. Enjoy your coffee personally - with your personal WMF1. The WMF1 received the following national and international design awards:

  • red dot award, Design Zentrum NRW
  • German Award for Three-Dimensionality (DP3D)
  • Design Plus, Frankfurt Trade Fair
  • Good Design, The Chicago Athenaeum
  • Pro-K Technical Consumer Good Award
  • Plus X-Award, Design category
  • Universal Design

Grand Gourmet knife

The Grand Gourmet knife series combines sophisticated design with a high degree of functionality. The knife blades are forged from high quality special blade steel. The durable Cromargan handles guarantee optimal hygienic conditions and lie comfortably in your hands. The attractive packaging and the option of having your personal signature engraved on the knife handle is an original gift idea!

Design: Makio Hasuike, Milano


  •     Internationaler Designpreis, Design Center Stuttgart
  •     Prix de Couverts Maison & Objet Paris
  •     Design Plus, Messe Frankfurt
  •     Ernennung Compasso d'oro
  •     red dot award, Design Zentrum NRW
  •     Busse Longlife Design Award; Busse Design Ulm GmbH

Basket Concept

Large selection of breakfast and fruit baskets in various designs and sizes. Ideal for bread, croissants, small and large fruit and much more. WMF baskets are not only used as a storage container, but also as an eye-catcher for your home.


  • iF product design award
  • Design Plus
  • red dot award
  • Design Centre Stuttgart
  • Good Design, Chicago

WMF Nomos cutlery

The WMF Nomos cutlery is a sophisticated, design-oriented cutlery model. The Nomos cutlery captivates with its extravagant style, its perfect design and its feel and balance with geometrically-clean shapes and clear lines. The exact plane surface and the distinctive faceting of the stem highlight the value of all of the Nomos cutlery pieces. The design combines puristic design with a pleasant shape. The WMF Nomos cutlery also captivates with: High material strength of the individual cutlery pieces, knives with forged, matte blades in a new distinctive form.

Design: Metz & Kindler Product Design


  •     red dot award, Design Centre NRW
  •     Design Plus, Messe Frankfurt
  •     iF design award, iF Hanover
  •     Designaward of the Federal Republic of Germany 2008

Lounge bar series

[Translate to en_en:] Unsere Barserie Lounge räumt nicht nur internationale Designpreise ab, sie regt immer wieder zu Ideen an. Der Cocktailshaker ist die Grundausstattung eines jeden Barkeepers und darf in keinem Bar-Set fehlen. In ihm werden die verschiedenen Zutaten für einen Cocktail zusammengemixt. Kreieren Sie doch mal Ihr eigenes Cocktail-Rezept und servieren Sie dies Ihren Freunden und Bekannten. Mit dem WMF Cocktailshaker kein Problem.


  • iF product design award
  • red dot award
  • Stahlinnovationspreis Düsseldorf
  • Good Design Chicago

Material award

Material awards

The world innovation Cromargan Protect has already won two awards

  • the iF material award 2009 from iF Hanover
  • the Material Vision 2009 prize from Design Plus (Frankfurt Trade Fair)

Design institute

The following international institutes have awarded WMF AG products:

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Design Award is the official design award for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the central measure of design promotion by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The award has been bestowed annually for excellently designed products from the areas of product and communication design since 2006.

Companies cannot apply for the Design Award, but in fact are nominated by the ministries and senators of commerce of countries or by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the product must have already won a national or international award. No other design award sets such strict criteria for participants. The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is hereby called an "award of awards" by many opinion leaders in the field of design.

Design Centre Stuttgart

The Design Centre Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg is the oldest institution of its kind and also the only national design centre in the Federal Republic of Germany. Until the end of 2004, the Design Centre Stuttgart belonged to the Regional Trade Office of Baden-Württemberg and, after its dissolution, it was then formally incorporated into the Regional Council of Stuttgart. The Design Centre Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg announces the International Design Award of Baden-Württemberg every year.

The state award is given for forward-looking, professional, outstanding design services to manufacturers and designers. The "Focus in Gold" and "Focus in Silver" awards are coveted validations for the highest design quality. The annually-changing focus topic is a special challenge for the presenting parties. The renowned competition looks back on a long tradition and enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad.

iF Hanover

iF is a service provider in connection with design-related tasks. iF has become known worldwide through its iF design award, awarded annually since 1954. It is among the most important design competitions in the world and records more than 1,800 entries every year from 30 countries. The international top designers in the jury not only decide the respective winners, but with their names also stand for the special status of iF and its label known as a sign of quality.

The expertise, in connection with the organisation of competitions, tenders or pitches, is one of the core competences that iF offers as a service to companies, institutions and political parties. It is often about design questions, architecture competitions, the allocation of advertising budgets and other issues associated with creative design services.

Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

With its famous dot, the Design Centre of Nordrhein Westfalen has been a sign of outstanding international product design since 1955. In 2000, Design Innovations (the former name of the competition) received a new international name: red dot award: product design. Manufacturers and designers of a wide variety of products can apply to eleven product groups throughout the year in order to receive the coveted award with the red dot. And there are more every year...

With over 4,000 applications from a total of 40 countries, the red dot design award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. The competition is divided into three areas, which are announced and judged independently: product design, communication design and concept design. The red dot is a coveted trophy, the international quality seal for design quality.

However, much more than a competition stands behind the red dot. It stands for affiliation with the best in design and business.

Good Design, Chicago

The Chicago Athenaeum is an international architecture and design museum that was founded in the first (according to the Chicago Athenaeum) city in the world of modern architecture and design – Chicago.

Founded in 1988, the museum is fully devoted to the following areas: Architecture, industry and product design, graphic design and city planning.

The goal of the museum is to promote public education and appreciation of "good design," from "the spoon to the city," and to show how design can positively impact the human environment.

As the only independent national architecture and design museum, the Chicago Athenaeum represents leadership and innovation and brings the topic of design and its impact on the quality of life to a national and international audience.

At the same time, the museum has expanded its international programme through the presentations of major architecture and design exhibitions in cities across the United States, Europe, Asia and America.

The museum is funded by its membership and by grants from companies, foundations as well as local and national government agencies.

Plus X Award

The Plus X Award was initiated to give outstanding technology products the recognition that they deserve. Rhetorical expressions like "price-performance ratio" are foregone here: The five Plus-X factors of real brand products are highlighted and honoured. A renowned jury helps in the process by showing the end consumer what brand quality can do in innovation, design, ease of use, ecology and ergonomics.

Products from consumer electronics and telecommunications, the IT sector and home appliance market, housing technology, photo and car entertainment sector and from the power tools and gardening technology sector have the chance to win Plus X awards and leave tangible marks: The consumer buys value-added quality products with individually awarded Plus X factors.

DP3D - The Golden Flame 2007

The focus of the DP3D is holistic brand consideration, the successful transfer of a brand identity to product design or interior design of various kinds. The DP3D makes it clear that the three-dimensional brand staging very strongly influences the brand image in a lasting manner.

That is why this represents an even stronger decisive force in the brand strategy in the future. The DP3D with the Golden Flame is the marker for forcing the context between brand and design and thereby for establishing a new metric for measuring 3D design.