WMF Cromargan protect® - an innovation that sustainably protects cutlery from signs of wear and tear

Effie Gala


Cutlery that still looks like new, even after years of use: that is no longer wishful thinking: Cromargan protect® is an innovative material from WMF that makes cutlery look flawless, even after years of use. Even under heavy use, time hardly leaves any signs of wear.

More than 80 years ago, WMF was already the innovative leader as a pioneer in using stainless steel in the manufacture of cutlery and household appliances, therefore introducing a new chapter of cooking and dining culture. The stainless steel material was made known by WMF in 1927 under the name Cromargan®, which is now world-famous. It cannot tarnish, is rustproof, acid-resistant, unbreakable, easy to clean and therefore extremely durable. Since that time, stainless steel has been considered a modern, high quality and durable material of upscale dining culture. In the meantime, cutlery made from stainless steel has become the general standard.

Since spring of 2009, WMF has gone a step further and refined Cromargan®. The refined material with the name of Cromargan protect® is extremely scratch resistant compared to untreated cutlery. In technical terms, this refinement is an additional thermo-chemical treatment process that is patented and internationally protected for use on WMF cutlery.

Even after long use, heavy use and frequent use in the dishwasher, Cromargan protect® cutlery only shows slight signs of wear and tear. As a new material quality in stainless steel, WMF cutlery made from Cromargan protect® offers a clear advantage in terms of product function, value preservation and associated sustainability. The benefit for the customer exists in the permanent preservation of the original, visual value appeal and beauty of high quality cutlery, even after long use. Polished surfaces stay shiny and matte finish stays matte. The resistance is an important quality criterion, especially for cutlery, because cutlery is normally used over a long period of time frequently and regularly in simultaneous proximity and intimacy with other cutlery. A brilliant innovation that was patented by WMF and is internationally protected.


Cromargan Protect