What‘s so special about WMF knives?

The perfect preparation of dishes begins with the perfect knife. WMF always has the right knife for the job, whether peeling, cutting or filleting. What makes our knives so special is the Performance Cut blade technology. Traditional forging methods combine with the latest technologies to result in high-quality knives with outstanding and long-lasting sharpness. Our knives are made using hardened special blade steel, which means they are both corrosion resistant and acid resistant, even in unfavourable conditions.

Made in Germany

WMF relies upon Made in Germany quality for its knives too. The company's own forge in Hayingen is one of the largest in Germany. Unlike many other blade manufacturers WMF applies traditional methods, and it produces knives at its own forge that are processed along the entire length using a forging hammer that are ground several times and then polished. The final result is a totally flat surface.

Forged Special Blade Steel

The blades on all WMF household knives are made from hardened special blade steel. The material, 15% chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, guarantees extreme sharpness and outstanding elasticity. It is corrosion resistant and in combination with the Performance Cut technology it retains its cutting properties. The alloy of the special blade steel is permanently etched onto each knife.

Performance Cut Technology

Performance Cut technology is a special method incorporating an exact cutting angle for precise results. A new finishing technology for the knife steel creates knives that look good, remain sharp for a long time, and are resistant to corrosion. The longer cutting ability exceeds the requirements of DIN standard 8442-5 due to the precision blade sharpness and the perfect blade withdrawal.

Knives are twice as sharp and remain as sharp as the relevant standard requires. Performance Cut is surprisingly sharp, sharp for an outstanding long time.