• Stratic by Porsche Design Studio

    Characterised by Bauhaus, the WMF Stratic table collection is classically modern. It impresses with geometrically austere shapes and soft curves which have an impressive and dominant but never flashy effect. The cutlery has a distinct curve as a design feature at its handle ends. The collection includes matching serving pieces. Accessories such as a napkin ring, vase, table lantern, champagne cooler and candle holder round off the selection harmoniously. Special quality features of the cutlery are its high material thickness, the carefully polished edges and the inset knife blade. Thanks to its surface made of the patented Cromargan protect® developed by WMF, it is resistant to scratches and after long-term use stays almost as attractive as on the first day.

  • Champagne cooler, candle holder, napkin rings, vase and table lantern
    Champagne cooler, candle holder, napkin rings, vase and table lantern
    A design that discards anything superfluous
    A design that discards anything superfluous
    True to the philosophy
    True to the philosophy "luxury through purism"
    Stratic "standard" accessories by WMF
  • Harmony of contrasts

    Appealing contrast: The "Living Lounge" dish by WMF combines organic elements with a solid-looking, basic square shape for individual home accents. Opposites do not only attract, but also provide excitement. This is reflected in modern home decor. Shapes, colours and materials have long been combined freely. Baroque meets purist. Jagged meets smooth. Round to square – as in the affair of this dish. The designer duo neunzig° designed the exclusive dish.

Harmony of contrasts
Harmony of contrasts   icon
The square outer contour surrounds a soft depression that is nestled in the solid-looking block. It can feel elegant or act as a design object

Home accessories that inspire

  • It does not take much for us to feel comfortable. Carefully selected objects for our surroundings create atmosphere and express individuality. WMF home accessories inspire and put living rooms in the limelight. The Lounge dish is a design object that is an unusual combination of organic forms and technical precision. The double-walled, stainless steel design is a masterpiece of manufacturing.

    Design Metz & Kindler

Full-on wire

  • The filigree wirework is eye catching with or without contents. The wide stainless steel edge and the bent wires form an exciting contrast. Only first-class material and careful workmanship guarantee dimensional stability.

    Design Metz & Kindler, Ole Palsby

  • Eye-catching oval basket
    Eye-catching oval basket
    Living Lounge basket with plenty of storage space
    Living Lounge basket with plenty of storage space
    Baskets for everyone
    Baskets for everyone
    Filigree wirework
    Filigree wirework

Fascination of light

  • The flicker of a candle spreads a comfortable atmosphere and fascinates at the same time. The stainless steel candelabras effectively put the light at the centre of attention. A simple language of forms, generous proportions and highly polished surfaces reflect the current home decor. The projecting base provides stability and is coated on the bottom to protect sensitive surfaces.

    Design Herbert Schultes