• Frying pan expertise

    WMF frying pans are made of stainless steel with or without a non-stick coating and made of aluminium with a non-stick coating. Frying pans made of quality Cromargan® stainless steel are robust, resistant to scratches and knocks and can tolerate high temperatures. Aluminium frying pans have a non-stick coating. Nothing sticks to the surface, even when you use very little fat. Non-stick frying pans are essential for a healthy diet. They fry gently, require little fat and are also easy to clean. The ergonomically formed handles lie comfortably and securely in your hand.

    The WMF frying pan product range gives you a choice between two different non-stick coatings:
    CeraDur, developed on a ceramic basis, has superb non-stick properties and tolerates temperatures up to 400 °C. The innovative PermaDur coating is very robust, scratch resistant and particularly long lasting. Both coatings – CeraDur and PermaDur – are free from PFOA. This means that no environmentally harmful CO2 is emitted during manufacturing.


    Practical pouring rim
    Practical pouring rim


    Also for serving
    Also for serving


    Best non-stick properties
    Best non-stick properties


Thanks to the superior stainless steel honeycomb structure, the non-stick coating is protected. The frying surface is scratch-resistant, sturdy and lasts for a lifetime. The multiply material ensures a rapid and even heat distribution. This therefore allows a precise control of the cooking temperature.

PermaDur® Premium

PermaDur® Premium - cast aluminium made in Germany: a guarantee for high quality. The aluminium pans of this line are all casted in Germany. They are very stable and optimal in heat storage. The PermaDur® non stick coating has optimal non stick features and is long-lasting. The pans are perfect for sensitive dishes like fish or egg dishes and can be used on any kind of hobs - especially on induction.   

WMF frying pans

  • Characteristics of the base

    With the exception of the CeraDur Classic, WMF frying pans are suitable for all types of hobs.

    Induction base

    Aluminium frying pans have a new type of induction base

    Non stick properties

    Frying pans with a non-stick coating are ideal for low-fat frying.

    Pouring rim

    Nothing is spilt when pouring or serving.

    Flame protection

    WMF handles made from high quality plastic can also be used on the gas hob.