Data protection

WMF Group GmBH places great importance on the security of your data. We want you to feel safe and secure. That is why we have made the protection of your privacy one of our most important tasks and closely adhere to the statutory provisions, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act, in collecting, processing and using your data. The following statement gives you an overview of how we guarantee the data protection and what kind of data is collected for what purpose.

The data protection statement only applies for this website. It does not apply to websites that are linked to this website. As legal requirements and business transactions in general change, we reserve the right to supplement or change this data protection policy at any time.

You will find all of the important explanations about data protection in an overview here:

1. Responsible party


The responsible party in the sense of legal requirements is WMF Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft, Eberhardstraße, D-73312 Geislingen an der Steige.

2. Data collection and use


In general, you can visit our website without having to enter personal data. Personal data is individual information about yourself, which you have volunteered or given to WMF Group GmBH, such as your name and address, date of birth, e-mail address or your telephone number.

The collection of personal data is especially required for ordering goods in order to be able to establish a contractual relationship and thus deliver the goods and process payment for the goods. Collecting your personal data is also necessary to be able to utilise other free services:

• when signing up for the WMF newsletter

• for participating in a lottery

• if you would like to contact us

• for registration and the protected use of your profile / wish list

• if you request a catalogue

• for a pre-booking

• for an online application

We note that it is your free decision whether you would like to share your information with us. When and if you do not share with us the data required for a certain service, you will not be able to use the respective service or will only be able to use it partially. The data is automatically deleted or locked according to statutory regulations when and if a deletion conflicts with legal or contractual retention periods.

3. Use of Facebook plug-ins


Plug-ins from the social network are used on these web pages. The plug-ins are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook").
If you access our Internet page using an Internet page with such a plug-in, it will establish a connection to the Facebook servers and the plug-in will be shown on the Internet page by posting to your browser. This will convey to the Facebook server, which one of our web pages you visited. If you are logged in as a Facebook member when doing this, Facebook will assign this information to your personal Facebook user account. When using the plug-in functions (e.g. clicking the "Like" buttons, submitting a comment), this information will also be assigned to your Facebook account, which you can only avoid by logging out of Facebook before using the plug-in.
You will find more detailed information about the collection and use of data by Facebook, about your rights regarding this and options for protecting your privacy in the data protection policies of Facebook.

The information you provide is then used and stored for purposes of market and opinion research as well as for advertising purposes if you have given your express consent to do so.

Your information will NOT be forwarded to third parties for market and opinion research purposes or for advertising purposes!

The WMF Newsletter will also only be sent to you if you have given your express consent. You also have the opportunity to use the newsletter anonymously. Providing any information other than your e-mail address is voluntary. The information you provide will be used solely for personalising our newsletter and will not be forwarded to third parties. However, we recommend that you provide all of your personal information, because you can then receive regional information from us (e.g. regarding offers in WMF branches near you). You can unsubscribe from the WMF newsletter at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link found at the end of every newsletter or by sending us an e-mail at

For statistical purposes, we anonymously analyse what links in the newsletter are clicked. It is not identifiable what specific person clicked the link.

4. Right of withdrawal


Of course, you can always revoke your consent for the use, processing and forwarding of your personal data for market and opinion research purposes, advertising or the sending of newsletters by sending us a corresponding message. You can do this by post by sending an informal message to WMF Group GmBH, DATS Department, Eberhardstraße, 73312 Geislingen an der Steige or by sending an e-mail to .

If you wish to cancel your subscription to the WMF newsletter, you can also unsubscribe at any time via the corresponding link at the end of every newsletter

5. Right to information and rectification


Upon request, we will give you free information about the data stored about yourself or your pseudonym. If you would like this information, please send a message to We are also obligated, upon request, to correct, block or delete the stored data about you.

6. Forwarding data to third parties


Your information will NOT be forwarded to third parties for market and opinion research purposes or for advertising purposes!

In data processing, protectable interests will always be taken into consideration in accordance with the statutory provisions. We use your personal data for order processing as well as for maintaining customer relationships and, insofar as is necessary, communicate data to third parties, e.g. suppliers, in this context. If you select the invoicing or direct debit method of payment, your data will also be forwarded for purposes of determining creditworthiness to Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH & Co. KG, Gasstraße 18, 22761 Hamburg. In the case of a continuing delayed payment, your data will be stored and used at EOS KSI Inkasso Deutschland GmbH Mallaustraße 58, 68219 Mannheim for purposes of debt enforcement in Germany.

In the legally determined cases, we are also obligated to forward data to authorities, e.g. police and law enforcement authorities, upon appropriate decree.

7. Data processing on this website


You can visit our online shop without buying something, registering, etc. and your identity will not be revealed. However, from a technical point of view, it is a given that the server (upon which we have no influence) automatically creates so-called server log files. These log files contain data that your browser automatically transmits to us through your visit to our website. Incidentally, this happens on any website that you visit on the Internet. This data contains the following information:

• browser type / version

• operating system used

• Referrer URL (the previously visited site)

• IP address

• time of the server request

For us, this data is not assignable to certain persons. This data is not merged with other data sources. The data is only used to evaluate our internally-used statistics as well as to optimise the online offering.

8. Security of the transmitted data


Your personal data is transmitted in an encrypted form. We use the so-called SSL security system (Secure Socket Layer) in connection with a 128-bit encryption for every data transfer. This technology offers the highest security and therefore is also used by banks for data protection in online banking. The encrypted information about your order, name, address or credit card cannot be read by outsiders.

All personal data is stored on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. It is therefore impossible for outsiders to access this using a network or modem. In this way, your information is protected against third party access.

The payment process follows the highest security requirements. All data transfers take place encrypted at up to 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and are therefore protected from unauthorised access by third parties. Furthermore, credit card data is processed and stored by the certified Payment Service Provider KG EOS Holding GmbH & Co. according to the strictest security requirements of the credit card industry, the so-called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (abbreviated as PCI DDS). Personal and credit card data are therefore protected according to the highest security standards in terms of data protection.

9. Use of cookies


Cookies make our offer more use-friendly, more effective and safer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser. Most browsers use cookies by default. Using the security settings, you can individually allow or prohibit temporary and saved cookies. If you deactivate cookies, certain features on our website may not be available to you. Also, some websites may not display properly. We use both temporary cookies, which are only valid for the duration of your visit to the WMF website, as well as cookies that are stored and used on your computer for an infinite time period. You can delete the latter at any time. Cookies do not cause any harm to your computer and do not contain any viruses. The data stored in our cookies is not linked with your personal data (name, address, etc.).

10. Setting up a customer account


We offer you the option of storing your personal data in a password-protected customer account so that the next time you make a purchase you do not have to re-enter your name and address. The data is then automatically entered into the order form.

You always have the option to delete your customer account. To do so, simply send an e-mail to

11. Additional information


Your trust is important to us. That is why we always want to be available to answer your questions regarding the processing of your personal data. If you have questions that this data protection policy could not answer or if you would like more detailed information about a section, you can always contact

12. General terms and conditions


Please note that our general terms and conditions apply for using our services. You can access those here.

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