When aesthetic appeal, functionality, and utility come together, you have a well-designed product.

Do you design all the pieces sold by WMF yourself?
No. But I am involved in the creative process behind each new collection and its individual pieces. Here in Geislingen, we have 38 people working on the look of the products, as well external design bureaus who bring fresh ideas to the company. Our internal and external designers all have the same holistic approach to design. Engineers, design engineers, and model makers are all involved in the development process, alongside the designers. The drawings would never make it to the store as collections without specialist input from a range of different disciplines.
WMF is a paragon of classic German or European design, yet our work is constantly inspired by international influences, examples of which include collaborative projects with design bureaus in San Francisco and Shanghai.
Achim Bölstler, designer
What is the company’s direction of travel from a design perspective?
I want to retain and develop the functional sensuality and timelessness of our products – and turn our products into brand ambassadors. The quality and design must meet the requirements of our premium brand. Going forward, we want our holistic approach to design to continue to surprise and spark desire. This applies to our HELLO FUNctionals range, too. The intention here was to develop food prep products that combine ingenious features, a fresh design, and a clear function.